A diet of clear liquids maintains vital body fluids, salts, and minerals; and also gives some energy for patients when normal food intake must be interrupted.

What Is A Clear Liquid Diet?

A clear liquid diet is made up of clear liquids and foods which are liquid at room temperature. The clear liquid diet provides liquids, sugar, salt, and some nutrients until you can eat solid food. The clear liquid diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or calories that your body needs. Caregivers will inform you when you can start to eat regular foods.

A liquid diet is divided into two types; a clear liquid diet along with a full liquid diet wherein a clear liquid diet, the individual is supposed to have clear liquids, fully transparent, with no solid residue in it. On the other hand, semi solid foods, or liquids with some solid particles are contained in the full liquid diet. A clear liquid diet contains lesser amount of nutrients than the full liquid diet.

Clear Liquid Diet Foods

Clear Liquid Diet Foods


A clear liquid diet is often used before tests, procedures or surgeries that need no food in your stomach or intestines, such as before colonoscopy. It could also be recommended as a short-term diet if you have certain digestive problems, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, or after certain types of surgery.

The goal of clear liquid diet is to keep you hydrated, provide minerals and vitamins for energy and also to keep your stomach and intestines rested. It will not meet your nutritional needs and therefore it is always recommended short term only. This diet may also be safely recommended for patients with diabetes. Remember your goal isn’t to eat or drink sugar free liquid or food.

List Of Foods For A Clear Liquid Diet

If you will be to follow a clear liquid diet before surgery or even for weight loss, you have to reduce the intake of solid foods considerably before actually commencing the diet. Water is easily the most important content and it is essential to have sufficient amounts of water to keep the body hydrated. So, if you are looking for clear liquid diet ideas, then your following list of foods will be helpful to you.

Mild Tea

If you need something to get your caffeine fix, then this is one of the best clear liquid diet foods. While you really should not be adding any milk or sugar into it, you are sure to find a flavor of mild tea that attracts you. This is especially one of the best ways to start your day.

Clear Broth

This really is one of the best clear liquid diet foods since it can be rather flavorful, if you find the correct stuff. These are usually saved for meal times, because they’re a bit more substantial than what you’d get in terms of nutritional value on the rest of the list. That said, eating only this won’t last you a whole day, so be sure to supplement it with another thing.

Clear Sports Drinks

The same stuff you use to replenish your electrolytes following a hard work out are considered some of the best clear liquid diet foods. There are lots of varieties, so it’s easy to find some type of diversity and not get bored of this method. Of course, you’re going to want to balance this by helping cover their different selections.

Clear Juices

One of the sweetest options on this list, clear fruit juices are considered some of the simplest clear liquid diet foods. As the moniker implies, you ought to be able to see through them, so tend towards apple, cranberry, or grape juice. In turn, try to avoid orange or similar types of juice.


If you have a sweet tooth, this clear liquid diet food is for you. Of course, like anything sweet, this should be taken in moderation, especially since you don’t wish to overdose on sugars during this process. Still, this has to be one of the most palatable foods on this list.

Plain Popsicles

This one may well be a little harder to find, since you have to avoid any and all popsicles with any fiber or pureed fruit inside them. Still, they’re one of the best clear liquid diet foods given that they give you the facsimile of eating solid food while giving you something sweet.