Headaches are fairly common in today's stressful world. Instead of popping a pill, try these home remedies.

Headaches are one of the most common ailments, striking virtually every single person even on a daily basis. A bad headache can completely ruin your day, and in many cases escalate stress levels significantly. It may not seem like a serious health concern but when you do have a splitting headache, you will find it difficult to concentrate while physical functions will also be negatively affected. Instead of turning to pharmaceutical pain relievers, try utilizing some natural home remedies for headaches.

Headaches are one of the most common health problems that affects most people at one time or another.Headaches can be triggered by stress, fatigue, allergies, eyestrain, poor posture, alcohol or drugs, low blood sugar, hormones, constipation, and nutritional deficiencies. Your body is telling you that something needs to change, so begin to heed those signals and use these headache home remedies to overcome headaches in a natural and healthy way.

home remedies for headaches

home remedies for headaches

Natural treatments for Headaches

Mint Juice

Menthol and menthone are the primary components of mint which are very effective in alleviating headaches. Extract mint juice from a handful of mint leaves and apply it on forehead and temples to treat headache. You can also place mint tea compresses on the forehead to relieve discomfort. Along with mint juice, corainder juice is also effective in treating headaches.


Magnesium is one of the most successful headache home remedies, first of all, because it’s much safer than taking a painkiller. People who suffer from serious headaches, like migraines, often have low levels of magnesium, and several studies suggest that magnesium may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels.Those prone to low counts of magnesium include people with diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, as well as those on diuretics for blood pressure.


According to the concept in Ayurveda a headache is triggered by some impairment of the digestive ability of the body. And this is where the digestive properties of ginger help beat a headache. To harness the pain-killing power of the volatile oils present in ginger just crush a little fresh ginger, boil it in some water. Now filter this decoction and drink it when it is warm to find marked reduction in the intensity of your headache.


The key component in rosemary that gives it many of its attributes is rosmarinic acid, which has known anti-inflammatory effects. By grinding rosemary leaves and sage leaves into a powder, you can infuse an herbal tea. Drink this once or twice a day to prevent migraines and tension headaches, or drink it in higher quantities while directly suffering from the symptoms.

Ginger for headaches treatments

Ginger for headaches treatments

Apple cider vinegar

Mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water. Boil the mixture in a covered saucepan. When it boils, remove from heat and leave for a minute. Lift the cover and slowly inhale the steam through your nose. This will provide instant relief from sinus headaches treatment.


This can either help a headache or make the symptoms worse, depending on the individual and the initial source of the headache. Caffeine is part of many over-the-counter pain relief medicines, but for someone who drinks caffeine regularly, and becomes dependent on it, taking that drug out of your system can cause rebound or withdrawal headaches, and some causes of headaches are exacerbated by the stimulating effects of caffeine.