Drinking parsley tea has many health benefits from reducing bloating to soothing stomach troubles.

Parsley is a bright, light to dark-green biennial herb, which is commonly found in Middle East, America and Europe. There are two types of parsley – flat-leaf parsley and curly-leaf parsley. Both varieties of parsley is used for culinary purposes. Parsley is a popular ingredient in the culinary world used mainly as a garnish adds a unique flavour to deliciously steamy stews and soups. Parsley is also used for making tea by boiling its stems and leaves in water. Drinking parsley tea has many health benefits from reducing bloating to soothing stomach troubles.

Parsley Tea Benefits:

Health Benefits Of Parsley Tea

Health Benefits Of Parsley Tea

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Owing to high vitamin c content, Parsley tea helps reduce inflammation in the body. Hence, the tea is effective in treating anti-inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, Gout and Rheumatoid arthritis. Consuming two cups of parsley tea every day, with a dash of honey or lemon, to avoid bitterness, reduces the levels of uric acid in the body, thus alleviating pain In addition to this the tea also acts as a protective agent safeguarding the occurrences of anti-inflammatory diseases.

Relieve Joint and Muscle Pains

Usually, people use essential oils from parsley to relieve muscle and joint pains, but intake of parsley tea can also reduce joint and muscle pains in your body. If you are constantly experiencing any kind of body pains, this will surely help you. This is one of the parsley tea benefits that most athletes and elderly people with rheumatism will surely like.

Combat Cancer

Myristicin, the volatile oil in Parsley, stimulates an enzyme that stabilises benzopyrenes, the carcinogens, present in Cigarette smoke. According to the University of Maryland, the flavonoids like limonene prevent reproduction of cancer cells by blocking the proteins.

Effective Body Cleanser

Rich in Antioxidant compounds, including Vitamins C and A, drinking a cup of Parsley tea rids the body of unwanted toxins from the body boosting health inside out.

Reduces Cholesterol

Due to the potent antioxidant substances that exist in Parsley a cup of refreshing herb tea eliminates the risk of developing cardiac related problems by maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Iron Absorption

Since the tea is high in iron, it performs the role of a blood purifier and enables effective absorption of iron, curing anaemic conditions. This is mainly because of the Vitamin C compounds present in Parsley.

Control High Blood Pressure

Control High Blood Pressure

Proper Digestion

Parsley tea benefits also include the ability to help with the digestion process and make sure that your digestive functions well. It also helps in preventing any kind of diseases related to the digestive system.

Control High Blood Pressure

Drinking parsley tea is also associated with a normal blood pressure. It helps regulate your blood pressure and prevents any possibility of high blood pressure when taken on a regular basis. This herb contains folic acid, which serves as a tonic in your heart. This is one of the parsley tea benefits that are perfect for the elderly and those with frequent high blood pressure attacks.